Some random things about me!

  • My right ear doesn’t curl over at the top like a normal ear, it goes straight and looks like something has been nibbling at it. My nephew Riley has the exact same ear so in honor of that I have a small blue love heart tattoo on it
  • I am a terrible speller, even at the age of 30 I still struggle with it. It took me about 20 times to spell the word fire correctly last week. It’s one of the only things that I get really sensitive about people making fun of me for. When I was little I wrote a story about going to the church and being in the gravy yard *facepalm*
  • I get completely obsessed with things. As soon as I find something of interest I want to know everything about it. My past obsessions have been bats, The Kennedys, The First and Second World War, The Vietnam War, The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland and tattoos.
  • When I was little my grandad told me that because of his time in the army things never give him a fright… I took this as my life goal to give him a fright! I must have sat on this for about 5yrs before picking my moment, I hid in the hall behind the living room door and jumped out on him and screamed “raaaar!” He got such a fright I’m lucky he didn’t have a heart attack! Oops
  • I can still remember the cheat code for Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive – AABBAABBAABBA (The one for the Lion King was UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT START)
  • I only started drinking coffee 3yrs ago. I don’t know how I ever managed to live without it! I feel I have had so many wasted opportunities in my life to have good coffee though.
  • One of my special skills in life is working out who or what people look like, my references are usually actors, animals and cartoon characters though
  • There really isn’t a week that goes by where somebody doesn’t tell me that I’m strange or weird or a lunatic. Since when does taking a photo of yourself with green jelly beans up your nose with the caption “Think I’ve got a cold” mean you are a lunatic?! I am also the shower surfing champion of our household
  • One of my all-time favourite films has to be Bean the Movie, the one where he goes to America and they think he’s a famous art professor, bloody brilliant! The scene where he is in the police interview room dancing at the two way mirror gets me ever time!
  • I pick my nose ALL the time
  • When I go to the toilet during the night I will never flush it. I’m scared that somebody will manage to sneak up and attack me and I won’t be able to hear them over the noise of the toilet flushing.
  • When my husband was away on a stag do I decided to go out to the pub with some friends and may have got slightly drunk. When I got home I was totally bursting on a pee and trying to get into the house… I never made it. Instead, made it as far as the living room before having an “accident” on the laminate flooring , slipped on it, fell over and woke up on the floor hours later… twat

ldizzy xx


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