New Year – New Me – PT

So here we are in 2017 with most of us agreeing that 2016 was just alittle bit pish! I was asked a couple of days ago if I had made any New Year’s resolutions and the answer was no (I’m sure I actually said something along the lines of “No, I’m just gonna continue to be the same shite person I was in 2016”) This is technically not true as I chose not to wait till the coming of the New Year to make a huge change and sort my shit!

So, the story goes… Last May, I woke up with a really sore eye, all bloodshot and painful like a migraine. I didn’t think anything of it but after it hadn’t shifted a couple of days later I saw an Optician who promptly sent me to the Eye Pavilion to find out I had inflammation in my eye and that’s why I couldn’t see. Drops didn’t work so the only option left was a high dose of oral steroids. I wasn’t overly impressed by this but I really had no other option. As most people know one thing steroids make you do is balloon and being not helped by the fact I was eating anything in sight. Eating chips and a pudding for lunch and blaming it on “the roids”. I didn’t notice at the time but I had gotten pretty big

We had a wedding coming up that we would be attending all weekend and camping. So there started the almost never ending saga of finding a dress. I ended up having to buy a dress that was a size 20 using the excuse that there wasn’t much give in the fabric so I had to go up a size (or 2) Then commenced the saga of outfit 2. For that I ended up in a gorgeous midi skirt but as I had been reading too many Buzzfeed articles had it in my head that it would be a good idea to wear a crop top! (Sorry for that image and even more apologies go to the people who had to see it) I got a few inches of lace added to it so I didn’t really show anything off – it wasn’t as obscene as I had described.

I ended up being so withdrawn at the wedding reception, not wanting to get up and dance and felt like shite next to all the pretty girls. I couldn’t believe I was back here again.

Oh wait! I forgot the bit where I almost died/missed the wedding!

The wedding ceremony was on the beach so we had to walk from our tent to where they had planned to get married. EH! Why was I not previously warned how hard it is to walk on sand when you are a fat bugger? It was literally the biggest struggle and was sooo embarrassing. Not helped by the fact that I had hot flushes (steroids again) so by the time I got there I was puffing, panting and dripping… not a good look Louise! In a word it was a total cringe, I felt bad for Gary pretending it was a hard walk to make me feel better for being so unfit.

So, the point of my story EVENTUALLY!

Once we came back I said to Gary I wanted to get fit and I had an idea. I thought I would ask one of Garys friends who is a personal trainer to help out. I’m pretty sure Gary thought I had gone totally off my rocker and this was like another of my schemes. I sent Kane a message and told him how I wanted to get fit yet I was the most unfit person in the world, also explaining how I was still on steroids and I needed to do something to combat them. 

Kane was really understanding and explained all about 30 minute boxing sessions he was offering that I would do 3 times a week. Gary kept asking if I was sure I knew what I was getting myself into and there is no way I was in for an easy time and if I had it in my head that Kane would go easy on me I had another thing coming and I would be getting beasted!

So my first session came, and I was shitting my pants! Down the stairs I come in my brand spanking new clothes resembling somebody who couldn’t fight their way out a wet paper bag! I still didn’t know what I’d gotten myself into!

I can’t actually remember what we did the first session but it was split up into stretching, warm up, punching rounds and then core work to finish. All my sessions follow this pattern and include leg work, lunges, steps, wall sits and more squats than you can shake your butt at! (I still complain about doing squats cos I stand by the fact my bum should not be getting any bigger)

So 3 times a week from my little living room “gym” I completed session after session! Even though 9 times out of 10 I felt like I was gonna vom I actually found myself enjoying it. It’s amazing how much of a release punching pads are after somebody has pissed you off that day!

For some reason I chose to document each session with a sweaty red faced photo posted on Facebook. These not only gave people a laugh but showed them if I could do it anybody could!

Saying I enjoy my sessions is actually a complete understatement I LOVE them! Yes, they are horrific at the time and I’ve wanted to either cry or die but I feel amazing after them! Honestly like I could take on the world (I can’t)

Kane is the most patient and amazing trainer. He never makes me feel like I’m stupid for not understanding or that I’m actually shite at what I’m doing! He always encourages and pushes me and gets the best out of me. He is a trained fighter so I’m under zero illusions that it must be pretty funny having me punching him with the strength of an angry 5yr old – but he never makes me feel like that!

I’ve completed 4 months worth of sessions and I feel brilliant (even though I’m suffering with a broken boob from one of this weeks sessions) 

There has been a huge physical and mental change in me. I have found myself completely changing shape and my once massive tummy slowly but surely getting smaller as well as dropping 2 dress sizes. 

This is the first winter in years that I have not struggled with my mental health (yet I do frequently struggle with stairs – dam you squats) I’ve been told my moods seem better and I am a lot less angry moany as I usually am. I can feel that in myself now, I feel a lot more positive and like I have a lot more energy!

I also have my confidence back, in October we went to another wedding and it could not have been more different from the last. I felt amazing and you couldn’t get me off the dance floor! It felt so good to be me again!

I am just at the start of my fitness journey and I can’t wait to look back in 2018 and see how far I have come!

I couldn’t have done this without the support of Gary, Kane and everybody why gives my daft sweaty pictures a like or leaves a comment. Or have taken time to come up to me and tell me they are proud of what I’m doing! It means so much to me to know so many people are behind me!

Oh! And not forgetting Yvonne! Who started her journey with Kane at the same time and has been a constant rock for me there to message and moan at and encourage eachother!

Punching things FTW!

Ldizzy xx


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