Room 101

Most people will be aware of the tv show “Room 101”. If not it’s where celebrities go on with three of their biggest pet peeves and pitch for them to be vanished into Room 101 forever!

I’ve managed to whittle mine down to just 3 (people who open windows as soon as they enter the room just narrowly missed out)

Let me know yours and why!



Rude reactions to my tattoos

It might come as a shock to people but I am pretty much 100% aware that I have tattoos. I chose them, I paid for them, I look after them and it’s my skin that the needle was jabbed into – you don’t need to point out to me that I’m “heavily” tattooed (I’m not in my opinion)! I do have eyes…

Probably the most common comment I get is “why have you ruined yourself?” Don’t get me wrong I get loads of compliments as well as plenty of questions. Weirdly it’s always older women who give the most compliments and always tell me that they love the fact that a woman can look like that as it wouldn’t have been the same in their day.

The worst experience I’ve had recently was with a guy who decided to tell me he hated tattoos. I mentioned to him that I had thought about training as a nurse and what would he do if he came to my ward needing help and it was me that rocked up. He then went on to questions my friend who is a Police Office “how did you get into the police covered in tattoos” eh pretty easily pal – when will people realise that having tattoos doesn’t hinder your ability to do your job


People who don’t understand the cinema

My husband and I have unlimited cinema cards so it’s somewhere we attend a lot. Every time we go the behaviour of the other people there just gets worse and worse! Why pay all that money to bloody talk? A few weeks ago we went to see John Wick 2, cinema was totally packed yet surprise surprise the only zoomer in the place sits behind me! She insisted on making noise throughout the film, either every time somebody got hurt (and it’s a violent film) or any time there was any writing on the screen she insisted on reading it out or simply pointing out the obvious “oh he’s away to get his doggy” SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! If the person in front of you turns round looks at you and tuts take the hint!

The same thing happened at the weekend, it was like sitting in front of a live version of IMDB – “That’s Michael Keaton, he’s batman, what’s he doing in this?” I DON’T KNOW JUST BLOODY WATCH IT!

ALSO, how can people not understand where they are supposed to sit? There is a map when you go in telling you where all the seats are!?! The amount of people who come in when it’s already started flashing their phone lights in folks faces trying to work out where they are supposed to be going to then end up wandering down to the other part of the screen to their allocated seats. It’s not bloody difficult! We sit in the same two seats every time we go yet we still check the map to make sure we know where we are going


Surprise Parties

Okay, so I’ve never been thrown a surprise party so that is maybe where my views come from but is it really possible to throw somebody a surprise party without them knowing?

So, it’s your birthday coming up and you want to organise something yourself YET all your friends mysteriously have plans?!? The same applies to any occasion really.

Your significant other, family member or best friend out of nowhere suggest going somewhere random or somewhere you haven’t been before. “I’ve got an idea, let’s go to the rugby club on Saturday night!” of course they are throwing you a party!

I was gonna say feel free to let me know if you’ve been thrown a surprise party and if you actually knew about it or not BUT I doubt people would want to let on to their relatives who put so much effort into the planning. I’m not saying I would be ungrateful far from it, I just think my nose would have got the better of me and I would have worked it out!


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