Tattoo Tag

How many tattoos do you have?

As of last week I now have 30 tattoos 


What’s your favourite tattoo you have?

It changes all the time, it’s usually the newest one I have. But I’d say that my all-time favourites would be my Judy Garland portrait or the little blue love heart on my ear. My “Stay Another Song” written by Sophie Ellis Bextor will always be very important and mean a lot to me, my best friend and I got these done at the same time.


How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

Too young!! I think I was 16… maybe 17 – I definitely was not 18! I was far too young and that shows in my choice of tattoo, shop and artist! I will eventually get it covered up as I’m very embarrassed about it and it NEVER sees the light of day! I think there are possibly 5 people in the world that could tell you what it is. I thought I was so cool at the time though! 


Do you regret any of your tattoo’s and why?

Yes! Please see the question above! I think I fully regret 4 tattoos and wish they were not on my body. They just so happen to be the first 4 I ever got, I’m properly embarrassed by them and they haven’t stood the test of time. Eventually I will get them covered up. There are a few that I have regrets about, like with my choice of placement and size but I by no means regret getting them.


Which tattoo would you say was the most painful?

Emmm I think I sit and deal with the pain pretty well. I’ve only had two tattoos where I remember thinking I couldn’t take it and hold on till the end – With both pieces I had been getting tattooed for over 6 hours. Pain wise though I think the worst was on my shoulder bone and over my elbow – that actually made me feel physically sick! Fingers where not overly delightful either lol!


What was your least painful tattoo?

Id say most of mine have been okay. I have a few small ones that where a breeze. No tattoo will never not hurt even a little but its bearable.


What tattoo did you have to travel the furthest for?

I specifically went to Leeds to get tattooed from a girl called Sam Whitehead at Blind Eye Tattoo co. I travelled down on the Thursday and got tattooed on the Friday and then got the train home after. I think if I was to do this again I would stay the night after getting tattooed. Having to unwrap it and try to clean it in a dirty cramped train toilet was not a good idea. The tattoo took forever to heal and had a few bits that got a little infected.

I got tattooed in Florida once but I was already going there so it doesn’t count



What Tattoo artists has tattooed you the most?

That would be the AMAZINGLY talented Steph Scott (asbopuppy) who owns Old Town Tattoo on Blackfriars Street in Edinburgh – she’s my go to woman! Her work is amazing and she always manages to turn my weird ideas into beautiful tattoos. She is responsible for most of the work on my arms and has never let me down. I also trust and value her opinion, if she thinks its daft or can’t be done or could be done better then she will tell me and I respect that. I’ve been to shops before where I’ve asked their opinion on placement and they’ve said “it’s not up to me, it’s your tattoo”

The shop itself is a cool place. Everybody who works there is really down to earth and with great chat. You never feel intimidated as I know you can in some shops. I’ve been to a few places I wouldn’t go back to because they’ve been stuck up and looked down their nose at you. At Old Town you get great chat, loads of laughs, all the tea and coffee Cat can make and sometimes if it’s your birthday you get cake!


Do you have any tattoo artist that has become your friend through tattooing?

I’d say Steph and I have formed a pretty solid friendship over the past few years. It’s amazing the stuff you will tell your tattoo artist. I think most times it’s actually like a therapy session for one of us


Do you consider yourself a tattoo Collector?

Well I don’t really know what that is…. But I suppose I might be, makes me sound like a bit of a hipster prat though! I have multiple smaller tattoos and pieces of work rather than a full sleeve. Both my arms will eventually be sleeves when I run out of free space but they are more a patchwork than the one dedicated thing.


Name two tattoos that took the most sessions to complete?

I’ve never needed more than one day/session to complete a tattoo. This will probably change when I move onto getting my back done that’s going to be one full piece. I think the longest I’ve sat is maybe 7 hours for my thigh, I was begging for it to be over hours before it was lol! 


How do you react when someone asks to see your tattoo?

This all depends on if they actually ask or not. Unfortunately, most people just touch away or grab your arm to have a look… not cool! Adults shouldn’t need to be reminded to “look with their eyes”. If they ask then yeah that’s cool, you can look (with your eyes!) and I’ll answer your questions but a wee heads up – not all tattoos have a deep and meaningful message and if they do we probably do not want to discuss them in with a stranger in the pub toilets. 


How do you deal with negative reactions towards your tattoos?

Emmmm… that depends on how much I’ve had to drink. The majority of comments or reactions I get are positive. The thing is I don’t actually see myself and being heavily tattooed so it’s weird for me if people stare or if children stop next to your sunbed just to look at you! Wearing a bikini is always interesting! Lol! I’ve had some really nasty negative reactions though. People saying I’ve made a mess of myself or being happy that I’ve moved seats so they “don’t have to look at that and those tattoos all night”. One guy said if I was a nurse he’d refuse to let me treat or touch him! #calmyourselfpal


Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future?

Yes. There are currently 5 that I want to get, just needs the funds to back those up! I always say to myself that I will stop on a nice number so maybe that will be 35…


Do you post pictures of your tattoos or not?

I do. Its nothing to do with showing off or anything I just think they look good and want to do it as a recommendation of the shop and artist.


Any Tattoo artist you follow that you dream of getting tattooed by?

At the moment I’m really loving the work of Rizza Boo from Forevermore Tattoo in Glasgow and Jack Peppiette from Insider Tattoo in Edinburgh his work is insane! And I’ll always want to go back and see Steph 



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