Cambridge and Me – Part 1

Okay, where do I start?

Many many moons ago I was at a 21st birthday party. When the birthday girl was giving a wee speech and thanking everybody for coming and thanking her parents for taking her to New York one of the guests shouted out she was a “spoiled c**t”. Now, me being me I looked over and told him to shhh as there were children there and its frankly bloody f’ing rude!

The guys pal comes back from the bar and he relays the story to him, points over at me and says “that fat c**t over there” I was devastated… I ended up being too self conscious to dance and even more so to go to the buffet. I told everybody I was fine, but obviously I wasn’t.

This obviously wasn’t the first time my weight was an issue or got me down so my parents suggested a Gastric band… my mum thought this was a drastic measure and told me that she wanted me to try one last thing and if that didn’t work she would give me her blessing. So she put me in touch with Chris, a client of hers who was a Cambridge Weight Management Plan Consultant (don’t call it a diet)

The first time I met Chris she weighed and measured me and sent me off with my wee box of shakes. I could not believe this was my food for the week! Sitting there, with a box no bigger than a KFC box meal and this was to do me for the week!?!

The first day (a Thursday) was truly horrific, I think I had myself convinced that I was gonna die. Every shake I had tried was disgusting and I had no energy and could not stop crying. I remember my mum brining me through my “dinner” 120g of chicken and 3 bits of broccoli, it was such a small portion that it fitted on a saucer. My parents told me that I didn’t have to keep putting myself through this and I could stop if I wanted to.

I managed to muddle through the Friday by filling myself with water but I still felt terrible. On the Saturday I went back to see Chris to swap some of my shakes for ones I found not as minging. When I was there she weighed me, I’d lost 4lbs…. right okay, it was like chucking a deck chair off the Titanic but it was a start.

Okay, so I’m not proud of it but I will admit to this. I remember one day standing opening a tin of dog meat to feed Archie and I was so hungry I almost licked the spoon… You’d think it had been a piece of steak the way my mouth was watering and the spoon came waaaay closer to passing my lips than it should have. Thank god Archie got moved onto dry food!

From then on I was so determined to keep going and I did, for 7 months. I lost 107lbs and went from a dress size 20 to a 6 but the problem was I was addicted to it.  I would beg Chris to let me have one more week on the program level that I was on, it was intended to only be used for people that were classed as morbidly obese with a high BMI and not intended to be used for any more than 6 weeks without a break, not 7 months…





Pursuit of happiness 

When December 31st rolls around and people ask my New Years resolutions I answer the same shite ever year. “em, I want to be fitter, I want to eat better… blah blah blah” that lasts about an hour before I remember I’ve still got a box of Celebrations and bottle of Prosecco to finish. (these things go off if you don’t open them don’t they??)

Well December 2014 was different; I decided that I was going to cut negativity and negative people out of my life. Life is far too short to spend it with people that you don’t really want to! If I don’t want to go somewhere I don’t go, if I don’t want to spend time with people then I won’t. I’m not going to let negativity take over my life.

The last 7 months have been a breath of fresh air. I have had no slip ups with my Bi-Polar, I feel about a zillion times more confident and happier within myself and about myself and most importantly I’m having much more fun.

Surrounding yourself with people you love and who encourage and inspire you is the best thing you can do. I’ve spent far too much energy worrying what people think about me or who I have to be in certain situations or being upset that people don’t like me, none of this has been worth it.

I have the same friends I had at school and a small collection of friends I have made as an adult (it really is quality over quantity when it comes to these things) and I wouldn’t change that for the world. There is no greater feeling than being 100% yourself with somebody and knowing you can sit there, drink wine, talk shit and laugh until your ribs hurt.

And remember, a true friend will always be up for a sneaky shot at the bar

ldizzy 😘

Transplant Tales

I watched a documentary on BBC last week about Organ Donation and I think it is something more people need to be aware off and think about.

The program focused on patients who were waiting for organs, be it through illness or in some cases their own doing.

I personally have been touched by my own transplant tale, seeing my best friend given her life back at the result of one brave families decision is something I will never be able to explain. But that’s her story to tell and not mine…

I have been a registered Organ Donor since I was young and it really perplexes me as to why more people won’t take 2 minutes out of their day to register. Let’s face it, we aren’t gonna need these organs anymore so why not donate them to give somebody else a shot at life? One donor can save 7 lifes and allow 2 people to see again

Nobody wants to think about what happens when they die. I know it’s morbid and it’s scary but any of us could be in their position of needing a transplant having to rely on others.

Click on the link below and please register

ldizzy xx

Nails update

Well my daisy nails lasted 6 week which is truly amazing! Honestly I was a little sad to see them go yesterday.

Had an appointment with the lovely Cheryl @ Row66 yesterday and decided to go for something different. I’d spotted a set on her Instagram which were so frigging cool and very edgy

I bloody love them and would recommend anybody to book an appointment with her cos it is worth it and if your lucky you might even get to meet Oswald her super tiny French Bulldog pup!

What are you waiting for?!

ldizzy xx

Simply Be

Plus size fashion is really taking off! This is brilliant because there are loads of new places I can get clothes.

I’ve really fallen for Simply Be in the last few months.

Their clothes are made differently, for different body shapes. I have developed a small addiction to their tshirt and vest range for this very reason.

I hate buying a tshirt only to get it home and it looks like a bloody crop top on me and I spend the whole day paranoid and pulling it down.

With Simply Be this doesn’t happen. The tshirts are much longer in length and have more material round the stomach which makes them much more comfortable and flattering.

I have been living in their high waisted leggings. They are thick and are reinforced around the waist to hold you in, so much so I actually asked if they were maternity leggings! 😳

This dress and denim jacket from there are my new go to outfit, they are both really flattering and I love wearing them!

Keep up the good work Simply Be!

ldizzy xx

Think before you ink

When people ask about my tattoos the first question the ask is “where do you get them done?” The second is without fail “how much do they cost?”

The answer to that question is its none of your business. What I pay for my tattoos is between me and my artist. But if you are genuinely interested because you are thinking about going to the same shop I’ll tell you.

Once I answer they usually make a face… I’ve started to follow it up with “how much did your trainers cost, will they last you long?” They usually see my point after this.

Anyway my point is that if you are serious about getting a tattoo price should not be the deciding factor. If you are going into shops that are quoting £80-100 an hour and then you go into one which offers you it for £45 should that not set alarm bells ringing?

Would you spend £10 on a chanel handbag from a market stall and expect it to be the quality of one from Harvey Nics? No… No you wouldn’t.

You need to shop around, find the artist that is the best for you. Check Facebook, Instagram, twitter or go into the shop and ask to see examples of their work, don’t go in there blind or God knows what you’ll end up with!

AND the money you think you’ve saved by picking an artist on price alone well you will end up paying more to get it fixed by another artist or to get it removed.

ldizzy xx

New tattoo!

As soon as I work any overtime I know it’s gonna get spent on tattoos!

Made myself a wee appointment with Steph on Friday for some script. I had decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a tattoo saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn” and I know Steph nails script so it really was a no brainier!

I always feel at home in the shop and the guys there are just brilliant.

I decided to get the tattoo on my upper arm. I was a little apprehensive about this cos I’m got a really fat arm and I’ve read it’s harder to tattoo on as there is more movement. I was also worried that it was a part of my arm I should maybe avoid as it would draw more attention to it! I spend many days googling “tattoos on fat arms” before I thought fuck it, there is only one way to find out.

I didn’t find the tattoo painful but my arm did her very red and swollen, probably because the skin is thinner. By the time I got home my arm was huge!

I haven’t had any problems with it, it’s not sore it’s maybe a little bruised if anything but that’s to be expected!

Thanks again to Steph at Old Town Tattoo!

ldizzy xx


We were up early to go see Jurassic World, bloody brilliant so it was doesn’t half take me back to being wee and seeing the others in the cinema. 
I’m surprised I didn’t get linched by the crowd for excessive theme tune singing or dinosaur impressions before it started! 

I want a pet Raptor but I will settle for a pet Chris Pratt! *swoon*

TRex rules!!

Wee tip, if buying a coffee don’t sit in the Premier seats, it’s too far to walk without burning your hand! lol 

ldizzy xx